New investors

December 2017
– Hans Kanold, founder and former CEO of Safehotels Alliance, creator of the Global Hotel Security Standard, invests in, and becomes, the new CEO of Trustbrand Global. He joins the Trustbrand board. Mr Kanold has more than 15 years experience of global certification and education of certifiers, a unique competence, that will serve and strengthen Trustbrand’s offering, certification and digital products.

Januari 2018
– Hans Sinclair Sachs, founder of Trustbrand, changes position from CEO and becomes president of Trustbrand Global Group. He is also responsible for opening a new Trustbrand office in Bogotá under 2018. Hans has 20 years of experience as a brand consultant and brand activist. He has a Master in International Economics and Business Administration and has reached doctoral candidate level in peace and development, global studies.

March 2018
– BLaO invests in Trustbrand Global and will initially focus on product development of the Trustbrand App and to manage investor relations. Martin Malii-Karlsson, CEO of BLaO who joins the Trustbrand board says: “BLaO and Trustbrand share the same values and perspectives on global branding, sustainability and global justice. The timing is perfect! Developing a viable solution for how investors can quickly gain trustworthy deeper and structural knowledge of the financial impact of not being a sustainable corporate brand versus the financial gain and upside of being a Trustbrand.”

March 2018
– Thomas Bruhl, the former CEO of VisitSweden, a 50% state owned company, under the management of Swedish Ministry of Industry/Ministry of Industry and Commerce, invests in Trustbrand Global, and joins the Trustbrand Advisory Board.

 – In this position Thomas has a decade of experience of nation branding, and was one force behind the success of the Swedish nation branding, reaching the global top position, ten years in a row between 2005- 2015. Thomas has 15 year’s experience of digital business development, and the digital gaming industry, including the successful game “Backpacker” (Vision Park Entertainment). Thomas was responsible for the strategy, implementation and digitalization of the national channel, TV4, owned by Bonnier.