Mr Anders Widgren (General Partner in Aicap), joins Trustbrand team as an expert on Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and algoritms in the process of developing Trustbrand financial value index and certification instrument.

Mr. Widgren is a serial entrepreneur and innovator and behind great many innovations that successfully have made it to the market.

Trustbrand will, on its part, support Mr Widgren with its unique expertise and competence on brand defense and counter attack, one instrument among others to defend Mr. Widgrens long series of innovations and patents.

Mr. Widgren is a leading figure in the innovator community of Sweden and internationally, chairman of the Swedish IPR Forum, Board member of the Swedish Inventors Association, member of the Swedish National Innovator Council, and Swedish Ambassador of the World Innovations Forum.
To put it mildly, Trustbrand is very happy to have one of the leading authorities on data processing and data analysis on board and warmly welcomes, Mr Widgren, to the Trustbrand team.

Hans Kanold, founder and former CEO of Safehotels Alliance, creator of the Global Hotel Security Standard, invests in, and becomes chiefsupport international business development and the development of Trustbrand certification program in particular.

Mr Kanold has more than 15 years experience of global certification and education of certifiers, a unique competence, that will serve and strengthen Trustbrand’s offering, certification products.