Trustbrand is building an algorithm that evaluates corporates brand’s sustainability actions and its change in financial value.

What We Do

Provide investors with real-time information of corporate brands financial value and the relations to the public.

Feeding real-time data into a financial brand value index, publishing corporate brands value on the stock market, coach and guide shareholders

Certify, reward and celebrate trustworthy corporate brands that is fulfilling their promises and focusing on real change.

Monitor and expose how corporate brands, implement and execute a real sustainability agenda in relation to integrated reputational and financial risks.


New investors

December 2017 – Hans Kanold, founder and former CEO of Safehotels Alliance, creator of the Global Hotel Security Standard, invests in, and becomes, the new CEO of Trustbrand Global. He joins the Trustbrand board. Mr Kanold has more than 15 years experience of global certification and education of certifiers, a unique competence, that will serve …


Trustbrand Global

Hans Kanold, CEO



Prospect Hill gatan 7 a

Gothenburg,  Sweden


Hans Sinclair-Sachs, President


Bogota, Colombia & Gothenburg,  Sweden


Investor relations:

Martin Malii-Karlsson


Mainyard Studios

90 Wallis Road

London, E9 5LN, U.K